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Building an online presence for your baking business shouldn't require special tools or technical knowledge. Our business tools are purpose-built to make running a food business easy. That’s right — no business experience, tech expertise, or coding skills needed.

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"Castiron has gone above and beyond in their support for me and my growing company, from helping me build my online store, to following up when they find better ways for me to present my products, to their quick and helpful support."

Summer Kortkamp
Toasted Sugar, Chicago, IL

"I built my website in under an hour with Castiron. I loved that I could grow my email list and communicate with customers before I even launched my store."

Kimberly Goethe
Barcode by Hollywood, Atlanta, GA

"As soon as you log in, you can tell that Castiron is built to help people who sell food. They made creating an online store so easy that I built my entire shop, launched my business and made my first few sales in less than 24 hours. It was a piece of cake (pun intended)!"

Jessica Brady
Mother Hive, Oak Park, MI

“Castiron has given me the ability to process, categorize, and streamline the technical end of things so I can spend more time getting back to the other part of business that I love, creating."

Megan Boehm
Meggy's Bakeys, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"When my friends and family told me that I should start selling my cakes, I wasn’t sure where to start. Before Castiron, I was taking orders really manually, through emails or texts or Facebook. Now I can send customers straight to my website, and I don’t have to worry about missing any details."

Katie Maschoff
Mill City Cooking Company, Minneapolis, MN

“Castiron just makes ordering so easy for my customers. Before, I had to manage cash or checks from my customers. Castiron is freeing up so much of my time, and allows me to focus on what I choose to focus on: improving the brand and the bread.”

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson, Sourdough Heaven, Indianapolis, IN

“I realized that the barrier of having to DM or text me to order was holding a lot of potential customers back. Now that I have a professional online store and a simple ecommerce checkout, I'm seeing a huge increase in new customers and they appreciate how easy Castiron makes ordering.”

Ali Serpe
Kultured Kombucha, Indianapolis, IN

“I’ve been baking for years and when I made the decision to turn it into a business last year I tried a lot of different solutions to get my business up and running. Not only is Castiron the easiest, most effective tool I’ve used to sell online, but I also feel like they truly care about my journey and are here to support me.”

Lisa Gaub
Lisa Fay Bakes, Narberth, PA

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