Welcome to Castiron

October 19, 2021
June 24, 2022

We are excited to share with you what we have been building, but more importantly, why we’ve been building it.

We believe that life is too short to not follow your passions and that the promise and rewards of entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone.

Until now, if you had a passion and wanted to make a living following it, there were too many barriers to entry. The costs were too high and the tools and secrets were only available to a select few. 

But now, the tools are more accessible than ever. Creators of all kinds are leveraging software and innovative platforms to fuel growth and opportunity. See YouTube, Etsy, Substack and more. 

We believe that the next great generation of creators will be cooks, bakers, chefs and food artisans. 

Few things generate more passion than food. Great meals and shared moments are core to the human experience. The artisans that create these moments need our help.

That’s why at Castiron, we wake up every day with a singular mission: to empower our creators — cooks, bakers, chefs and culinary artisans — to fulfill their dreams of business success.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into that mission.

How do we make this come to life in how we as a company prioritize our efforts? 

Empower Passion

Our customers are incredibly passionate about food. They create, craft, invent, and perfect their offerings. We will make it easy for them to focus on what they love.  

Enable Commerce

We must help them make money and meet their financial goals. They create value, and we need to make sure they receive the financial return they deserve. We will create tools that help them make the most of their efforts.

Build Community

Entrepreneurship is hard and can be lonely. We will connect our customers to each other and foster a collaborative environment for them to learn, share, co-market and more.

Deliver Joy

The joy of delivering a homemade meal or treat is universal. We will help our customers create more moments of joy, and we will create them for them as well.

This will not be fast. It will not be simple. 

It will be rewarding. It will be delicious.
It will be fun.

Welcome to Castiron.

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