Customer Relationship Management

Simplified. Streamlined. Sustainable.

Castiron automatically collects your customer data and order information upon check-out, making it easy for you to keep your customers' information and order history in one spot.

Email management CRM Fetaure in the castiron platform

Store Your Customer List

Upload your existing customer list to Castironust copy and paste! 

Capture new subscribers when customers purchase from your storefront.

Message your customers individually or message many at once using Castiron. Say goodbye to MailChimp.

Customer widget card in the castiron platform

Grow Your Subscriber List

Incentivize new prospects to subscribe to your shop using a new subscriber coupon.

Easily share your Castiron link to grow your subscriber base and increase your marketing reach.

A screenshot of a customer filtering feature in the castiron mobile platform

Build your dream with Castiron

Growing a food business doesn't have to be hard.
Make food you love, and let us help you with the rest.

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