Online Store and Payments

A beautiful online storefront for your business.

Frictionless selling. No text, DM, or Venmo needed.

Professional Online Presence
Enrich and expedite your customer’s shopping experience with a personalized and easy-to-use storefront.

Product Customizations 
Allow your customers customize their selections prior to adding it to their cart… from flavors, colors, allergens, and add-ons.

Screenshot of a home cookie bakery being managed with Castiron

Order Fulfillment
Let your customers choose how they prefer to receive your products.

Secure & Professional Checkout
Accept any major credit cards, debit cards, and wallets seamlessly.

Photo gallery in the castiron mobile platform where a home bakery business can be seen

Bring home more money when customers include a tip at checkout.

Order Confirmation and Receipts 
Email receipts and confirmation messages keep your customers informed and help your business run smoothly.

Widget of the Castiron Platform showing a "place order" action

Build your dream with Castiron

Growing a food business doesn't have to be hard.
Make food you love, and let us help you with the rest.

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