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Castiron is the all-in-one food business management solution for custom cake bakers to effortlessly manage and grow their business.

Trusted by Cake Business Owners Across the U.S.

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Everything you need to run your cake business.

Streamline Your Operations

Custom Cake Order Forms
Collect All the Information You Need

Say goodbye to all the back-and-forth communication with your customers. With Castiron, it’s easy for your customers to submit a detailed custom order request. Plus, Castiron will automatically collect the customer's information and fulfilment requests so you can keep everything moving.

Easy Order Management
Never Miss an order

Efficiently managing your cake orders is crucial to delivering exceptional customer experiences. With Castiron, you can get all the information in one place so you can track and organize all your incoming orders.

Accessible Customer Records
Build Customer Relationships

Castiron enables you to maintain comprehensive customer records, including contact information and order history all in one place. This data not only makes it easier to keep track of your customers but empowers you to provide recommendations, offer exclusive promotions, and create a personalized experience that keeps them coming back.

Widget of the Castiron Platform showing a "place order" action
Convenient Tip Collection
Let Your Customers Thank You

Appreciation for your exceptional cakes and services often comes in the form of tips. Castiron simplifies tip collection by allowing customers to add gratuities directly through the payment process. This convenient feature makes it easy for your customers to recognize your hard work.

Availability Calendar
Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Managing your availability and avoiding scheduling conflicts is a breeze with our built-in availability calendar. Easily block off dates when you're fully booked, mark off vacations or personal days, and communicate your availability to customers. This transparency creates a smoother booking process and helps you effectively manage your workload.

Showcase Your Artistry

Picture-Perfect Photos
Show off your skills

Showcase all your beautiful custom cakes on Castiron with our photo gallery feature so customers can see past creations and get inspiration for an order of their own.

Built-In SEO
Making it easy to get discovered

We understand the importance of being able to grow your business easily. With Castiron, you'll benefit from SEO features, allowing potential customers to find your custom cake business easily.

Simple Domains You'll Love
Highlight your brand

We offer the option to connect a custom domain, providing a professional and unique online presence that aligns perfectly with your brand.

Magical Marketing Suite
Marketing has never been so easy

Communicating with your customers about new products, custom order availability or limited-time discounts has never been more simple. In Castiron, you can send marketing emails in three clicks and watch those orders flow in!

At Castiron, our mission is to help food entrepreneurs like you thrive. By leveraging our comprehensive set of features, you'll streamline your operations, grow your business and delight your customers. It's a piece of cake! 😉

Are you ready to take your custom cake business to new heights? Let us fuel your sweet success.

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