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A weekly series for custom bakers hosted by Castiron CEO + Founder, Mark Josephson.

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What's on the menu?

At Castiron Bites, we're serving up the good stuff. Each episode is designed to be a quick and digestible exploration of topics that matter to you - including holiday prep, pricing 101, social media tricks, how-to classes and much more.

We've gathered a star-studded lineup of customer experience experts, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are ready to share their secret ingredients for building customer loyalty, creating exceptional products, and growing your business.


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Meet Our Upcoming Guests

We've partnered with industry's best, so you're guaranteed to find value in every bite!

Julia Usher

Julia Usher specializes in 3-D cookie decorating – a category she pioneered on her YouTube channel, Recipes for a Sweet Life. Julia also teaches decorating classes across the globe and online; operates Cookie Connection, and judges various sugar art competitions.

Megan Knudsvig

The White Whisk

Week of 12/13

Megan Knudsvig is a Foodie Digital Content Creator from Washington. After completing a Baking and Pastry Arts Program, she started The White Whisk, which includes a blog, classes, photography, and more. Her main baking muses are macarons and sugar cookies, but you can always find her experimenting with other baked goods!

Lindsay Deibler

Lindsay is a self-taught baker with a knack for the craft of gingerbread. She's blessed to have such wonderful “gingerfriends” within the gingerbread community and  looks forward to creating wonderful magical pieces for competitions and/or commissions during the holiday season each year.

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