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Building a food business has been a lonely undertaking — until now. Connect and learn from artisans who are following their dreams in The Kitchen, a community for all kitchen-based creators.

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About the Kitchen

The Kitchen is a collaborative community for cottage cooks, chefs, bakers, canners, jammers, and kitchen-based creators to connect and chat. Think of it as a go-to hotline for anything and everything related to starting and growing a food business.

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Wondering how to license your business? Need help with your pricing strategy? The Kitchen is a safe place to ask questions and get answers from some of the world’s best home-based cooks.

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Have you mastered marketing your business on Instagram? Learned a thing or two about inventory control? Help your fellow food entrepreneurs out and spread your knowledge in The Kitchen.

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Entrepreneurship can be isolating. In The Kitchen, you’ll make real connections with artisans who have also been in your shoes and understand the struggles — and the triumphs.

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  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Ingredients and Pricing
  • Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Castiron FAQs
  • Customer Communication

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Meet other culinary artisans and entrepreneurs, ask questions, and get advice from peers about everything from starting a business to pricing and marketing. Welcome to The Kitchen.

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