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Farmers Market Business Ideas

There can be a lot of competition at a busy farmers market, so it is important that you come up with several original farmers market business ideas before trying to sell your wares. You can always look up lists of best sellers at farmers markets to get started on your farmer's market business plan. However, these are the items that your competitors will be selling. You may want to look into unique things to sell at farmers markets to stand out. Surprisingly, many of the most profitable farmers market items are outside-the-box ideas. Read on to learn several unique farmers market business ideas.

#1: Offer a Unique Selection of Fruits & Vegetables

Produce is always very popular at a farmers market. However, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition if you're offering corn, tomatoes, and apples or oranges like everyone else. While corn and tomatoes are among the best vegetables to sell at farmers market, you may be able to stand out by offering less-common produce. For example, you may want to offer avocados or lemons. You could even offer Brussels sprouts or spinach. These produce items are not as common, but are still in demand. While they may not be on the list of top selling vegetables at farmers markets, they may be your top sellers.

#2: Take Part in Special Farmers Market Events

Many farmers markets offer special events. These events are often held on holidays throughout the year. For example, it is common for a farmers market to have a special Halloween event. Many of the sellers at these events offer pumpkins, homemade candy corn, and other homemade candies.

It is important that you take part in these special events. Crowds are often much larger during these events than they are on a normal market day. Also, you can often charge a higher markup on seasonal items. People who are in a festive spirit are willing to pay a premium to take part in the festivities. Farmers markets also have special events around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other major holidays.

#3: Offer Popular Baked Goods With a Twist

If you research what baked goods sell best at farmers markets, you'll find that cookies, cupcakes, and muffins are on the top of the list. Just like with produce, however, you should offer unique items to stand out. You may want to offer cookies or muffins in a unique flavor. You could even try selling cake pops instead of cupcakes. Some cottage cooks have had success with selling smoothies at farmers market. Try to find unique items that do not require expensive ingredients or extra time to make.

#4: Sell Flowers & Plants

In addition to produce and baked goods, many successful farmers market sellers offer flowers and plants. If you are already growing your own produce, then you have gardening experience to help you grow flowers. Of course, you could also simply live tomato plants or whatever you grow. If you don't want to sell a whole plant, you could always sell seed packets.

Selling plants and flowers has several benefits besides being profitable. Plants and flowers can brighten up your table at the farmers market and help you stand out. Also, the right combination of plants and flowers can create an enticing scent that will draw in customers.

#5: Offer Refreshing Drinks

Perhaps one of the most underrated farmers market business ideas is offering refreshing drinks. Most farmers markets are held outdoors in the elements. This may mean that customers have to stand outside in the cold or in the sweltering heat to make their purchases. You should offer cool drinks, such as iced fruit juice, if it is hot outside. On the other hand, it may be a good idea to offer hot cocoa on cold days.

One of the benefits of selling drinks is that you will have a large profit margin. This is because the ingredients are cheap and you can make drinks in large batches. Many customers who come to your table for a drink will also buy another item, so your entire operation will be more profitable.

Tips for Making a Profit at the Farmers Market

There are a few best practices that you should keep in mind when going to the farmers market. First, make sure you get their early so that you can set up your table in a prime spot, or if you're not assigned a spot. Also, don't be afraid to talk to seasoned sellers and get their advice. Even though they are your competitors, most experienced sellers will be happy to give you a few pointers.

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