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May 31, 2023

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May 30, 2023

Over the past few months we’ve received many requests for additional ways to customize your Castiron website and storefront. Many of you asked for a separate FAQ page on your Castiron site, where customers can easily find answers to common questions about your business:

Others inquired about a separate “About Me” page where customers could learn more about you:

Several Castiron Pro users asked for their Availability Calendar to be its own page as well:

Introducing, New Shop Pages!

We worked hard the past few weeks to give your Castiron website a bit of a facelift. Our hope is that you can be proud of your Castiron store and that customers find everything they need while shopping on your website. With that, we are so excited to announce that you can now add new pages to your Castiron site! Take control of your website design and improve your customer's shopping experience by adding our brand new Gallery, About, FAQ, and Contact pages to your shop. Castiron Pro users can even add a separate page to showcase their Availability Calendar.

Ready to give your website a bit of a makeover? Here's everything you need to know.

First up, the “Shop” page will still be your products and order forms. You may notice that we have moved your Shop Description, but "My Story" will now live under your shop's “About” page.

We even took the time to spruce up your product photos, letting your product truly shine!

The “Gallery” tab will still showcase your beautiful product photos! Add as many photos as you'd like! Wow your customers with your wide range of skills and let them be inspired by your work.

Castiron Pro users will also have the option to make their Availability Calendar a completely separate page on their Castiron site. Customers will have a much easier time accessing your calendar and previewing your availability for the upcoming months! Don't have an availability calendar with Castiron? Try Castiron Pro today and see what the hype's all about. We think you'll love it.

We know you have a powerful story to tell. Use the “About” page to share all about you and your business. Get as lengthy as you want here! This is your chance to build trust with customers who may not be familiar with you.

Tired of spending time answering the same questions on repeat? Add your FAQs for your customers to read upfront prior to placing an order. Do you offer refunds? Cancellations? How much lead time do you require? Do you deliver? Include as many questions as you'd like and spend less time answering customer questions.

Last but not least, the "Contact" tab is a great place for your customers to send you a note directly to your inbox. Customize the text

Our hope is that you can provide your customers with a more informed shopping experience, saving you time and a bit of a headache as well. And don’t worry- you can activate, edit, or deactivate your site’s pages in just a few clicks, making it incredibly easy to use and keep up to date.

Eager to learn more? Check out our Help article here, or sign up for our June demo series to see the new Shop Pages in action. 

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Lindsay Webb

Product Marketing Associate, Castiron

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