August Social Media Content Ideas for Food Businesses

August 4, 2023

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July 31, 2023

Get ready to unleash your creativity and discover new content ideas for your social media platforms with our August social media content calendar for food business owners!

We’ve got fresh content ideas to fill every day of August, but feel free to make these ideas your own! We provide the idea, so let your creativity take center stage to make these posts uniquely yours, perfectly aligned with your brand. There are no right or wrong ways to use these prompts, and no rigid guidelines for posting. Take these ideas and transform them into  stories, posts, Reels, TikToks, or comments — whatever suits your brand!

If you use these ideas, we want to see them! Tag us on Instagram or TikTok  (@castironhq) so we can follow along! Happy August and happy posting!

August 1 - National Homemade Pie Day

Do you sell pies? This is a great excuse to show off your bakes! There’s nothing like the comfort of a delicious homemade pie. 

August 2 - "A hobby I recently started this summer is..."

Summer is the perfect time to start a new hobby. Share a hobby you tried this summer and how it went! If you haven’t started one yet, you have a month left.

August 3 - Tease an upcoming product or flavor

Fall is around the corner — a season of change and growth. Excite your customers by teasing new products or flavors coming soon!

August 4 - Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Is this the best day ever? We think so. Did you know that a law was passed making it illegal to hate chocolate chip cookies? Ok, that’s not true, but we strongly believe that law should go into effect. 

August 5 - Answer FAQs about your products or business

Take a moment to address common inquiries about your products or business. Providing clear and helpful answers boosts customer confidence and enhances the overall experience. Engage with your audience and build trust through effective communication

August 6 - Favorite order of the week (or two — who's counting?)
Did you get an order this week you absolutely loved or found super challenging? Share your favorite order from the week and why it was your favorite!

August 7 - Make a "this or that" series on your story

One thing you should know about social media is that people love to answer story questions and give their opinion. This is also a great way to get your engagement up and connect with your community! 

August 8 - "I wish I knew before starting a business..."

Help new entrepreneurs start and prepare for their business by sharing something you wish you knew before you started your business. 

August 9 - Favorite cookbook or recipe website
This could be a hard choice since there’s so many good ones to choose from! We know there has to be one that sticks out from the rest! Share your go-to, most reliable recipe inspo site!

August 10 - National s'more day - start a campfire and enjoy!
Get ready to indulge in gooey goodness and nostalgic campfire vibes! Share your favorite s'more creations, from classic combos to creative twists, and spread the joy of this beloved treat across your social media feed.

August 11 - What's your go-to cookware brand or product

Share your must-have kitchen essentials and discover cooking inspiration while connecting with fellow food enthusiasts on their beloved cookware preferences.

August 12 - "A food I could eat for the rest of my life is..."

What’s your ultimate comfort food that you could eat for the rest of your life? Share your go-to dish and connect with fellow foodies over your shared culinary favorites.

August 13 - Share your workday morning routine #riseandgrind

Start your day on a productive note! Share your workday morning routine and gain insights from others on how to kickstart your mornings with energy and focus.

August 14 - Share what you love to watch while cooking

Share your favorite shows, movies, or videos that keep you entertained while preparing delicious dishes in the kitchen and discover new recommendations from fellow foodies!

August 15 - Share a question for fellow entrepreneurs

What’s a question that's been on your mind about your business or the cottage food world? Share yours and start engaging discussions with your community to help each other's entrepreneurial journeys!

August 16 - Post a customer review to highlight your business
Let your customers be your voice! Share your valuable reviews and testimonials to showcase the impact of your business. 

August 17 - Share your beautiful website (+ tag @castironhq!) 

Share your websites and show off your creativity and unique designs! You’ve worked so hard to make your website beautiful and yours - now show it off!

August 18 - What would be your food entrepreneur starter pack?

Think back to when you first started your business - what were the essential ingredients it took to get your business up and going? Maybe it was creating a brand kit? Or investing in packaging? Or setting up your Castiron store!

August 19 - Make a how-to reel showcasing your best skill

Show off your proudest culinary skill and share the magic you bring to the table. Whether it's crafting delectable dishes, mastering food photography, or decorating the perfect cake, let the world see your talent!

August 20 - Self-care Sunday 

Share how you recharge and prepare for the week ahead. Whether it's indulging in self-care, enjoying outdoor adventures, or simply unwinding with a good book, share and inspire others to relax and rejuvenate.

August 21 - Create a timelapse kitchen reel #behindthescenes

Display your culinary magic with a timelapse kitchen reel, giving us a peek behind the scenes as you create your delicious dishes. Inspire others with your kitchen expertise in fast-forward!

August 22 - OOTD - show your cooking outfit of the day

Show off your stylish yet practical attire in the kitchen. Share your favorite cooking outfit, from comfy aprons to cool chef hats, and inspire others to cook in style! 

August 23 - Share some trivia about your business!

Share fun and interesting facts about your business that others might not know. This will help your community get to know you and connect with them on a deeper level!

August 24 - Post a challenging order that made you grow

What was an order that challenged your creative abilities but made you stronger afterwards? If we’re never challenged we’ll never grow!

August 25 - What makes your business unique? #selfpromo

What sets your business apart from the rest? Share the factors that make your venture truly unique, whether it's your innovative products, outstanding customer service, or a special mission that drives your success.

August 26 - Share a before and after working selfie #grinding 

 Inspire others with your dedication and hard work by showing the difference in your energy, mood, or appearance before and after a productive session. The messier the better! 

August 27 - Make a reel showing behind the scene of your business 

Pull back the curtain on your business by creating a captivating reel that showcases the exciting action behind the scenes. Whether it's glamorous or not, show what it takes to run a food business!

August 28 - Shout-out a loyal customer and thank them!

Give a big shout-out to one of your loyal customers and express your heartfelt thanks. Show what their business means to you and how they’ve contributed to your growth. 

August 29 - Post your summer jam playlist - Rock? Country? Pop? 

Don’t be shy, we want to see what you’re rocking to! There’s no judgment here, although our CEO Mark is going to be disappointed if there’s no rock music on there!

August 30 - Share your goals for the upcoming holiday seasons 

As you probably know by now, the holiday season is a madhouse for food entrepreneurs! Now is the time to set goals, realistic expectations and availability plans so you can make the most out of the business time of year!

August 31 - Summer recap - share your favorite order(s)

WOW what a summer it's been! We hope you’re loving your newly designed, beautiful websites and enjoying the last few days of sunshine! Take a second to rewind and look back at your orders this summer - what was your favorite? Did you learn something new about yourself or your business? 

We're so excited to see the unique and creative content you'll post! Remember, these are just content ideas, and it's up to you to customize them and incorporate them into your content calendar to help it grow!

Remember to tag us @castironhq so we can follow along! Let’s get the content rolling! 

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