Castiron Announces $6 Million Seed Funding from Bowery Capital, Foundry Group, and High Alpha

July 17, 2023

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January 18, 2022

New York, NY — January 18, 2022 — Castiron, an e-commerce platform for independent culinary artisans, announced today that it has raised $6 million in seed funding from Bowery Capital, Foundry Group, and High Alpha.

The company, which launched in October, helps talented culinary artisans dramatically simplify their businesses with free e-commerce websites, elegant back-office tools, enabling content, and an engaging community. For examples of artisans on the Castiron platform, visit:

The landscape of food production and consumption is shifting rapidly. More than 700,000 restaurants or greater than 10%, have closed permanently due to Covid-19, resulting in a loss of millions of food service jobs. As a result, entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to home and commercial-based businesses. Post-pandemic, eighteen states have updated their cottage food laws, making it easier to safely and create kitchen-based businesses. Among the states updating their laws in 2021 include Indiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Alabama, Illinois, Montana, Arkansas, Florida, and New Jersey.

“We exist to help our artisans build successful businesses and we are heartened by the support of our mission by our new partners,” said Mark Josephson, Founder and CEO of Castiron. 

“Castiron is a great example of how software is enabling new business to prosper and grow, ” said Michael Brown, Partner at Bowery Capital. “This is a big market and we’re excited to be partnered with Mark and the team.”

“Castiron is built for a new type of entrepreneur – those who are entrepreneurs by necessity – and that is a huge opportunity to both do well, and good,” said Seth Levine, Partner at Foundry Group and co-author of The New Builders.

“It has been rewarding to work with the Castiron team since day one,” said Scott Dorsey, Partner at High Alpha. “We’re thrilled to continue our support as the business begins to scale.”

Unlike other e-commerce and website tools, Castiron is designed exclusively for the specific needs of culinary artisans. Rather than simply offering food templates and themes, the Castiron platform offers a free, streamlined and customizable website builder, built-in food-specific product information like ingredients and allergen disclosures, order and inventory management tools, ability to manage multiple delivery and fulfillment options including pickup, delivery and shipping, access to customer information and community support to connect with and learn from fellow artisans.

About Castiron

Castiron is a mission-driven e-commerce company that elevates how independent kitchen-based creators sell to their customers and provides them with resources and community to support their whole business. The world’s best bakers, juicers, canners, jammers, caterers, meal-preppers, private chefs and other culinary artisans use Castiron as a central hub to sell their products online, connect with customers, grow their businesses and save time and money so they can focus on making what they love. To learn more, visit or follow on Instagram @castironhq

About Bowery Capital

For more information, visit 

About Foundry Group

Foundry Group, based in Boulder, CO, was established in 2007 and manages multiple funds representing over $2.5B in committed capital. Foundry invests in technology companies and venture capital funds throughout the United States and Canada.

About High Alpha

High Alpha, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading venture studio focused on conceiving, launching and scaling next-generation B2B SaaS companies. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @highalpha.

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