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July 26, 2023

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July 26, 2023

We know running a food business is complicated. Thankfully, launching and running your business on Castiron doesn't have to be.

Since day one, we've taken pride in our easy-to-use websites: 

And while our frictionless setup has always been a priority, we also received countless requests for: 

  • Additional website pages - such as a separate Calendar, FAQ, or About Me page.
  • More options to highlight your brand's style.
  • Greater customization to help you create a website that meets your needs.

Castiron was missing you. Your brand, your style, and your story.

Introducing Castiron's new and improved website builder.

Castiron's new website builder is purpose-built for food entrepreneurs like you- those who truly need a beautiful and branded website, but don't need something that's complicated to create and maintain. Complete with additional website pages, site themes, color customization, and more, your new and improved Castiron site will give you a professional look, save you time, and help you close more sales.

And the best part? Your personalized website only takes 5 minutes to create.

Get started by using Castiron's homepage builder to make a powerful first impression. Our homepages are easily customized to showcase your brand. Setting it up is easy:

  1. Upload a background photo and customize your website's header text.
  2. Castiron automatically adds links to your Shop and Get a Quote pagers to keep your customers moving through the sales process.
  3. Add extra content to your homepage by quickly adding sections from your shop, such as your Gallery or About page.

You can now add multiple pages to your website! We think you'll love having a more "complete" website feel, while also giving your customers a more seamless and informative shopping experience. Proactively answer your customer's most popular questions by publishing an FAQ and an About Me page. Your Gallery page will also inspire and impress your customers with your previous work. Finally, your customers can view your availbility ahead of time by accessing your Calendar page and, should they have any questions, they can easily reach out via your new Contact page. You can even create a blank website page and customize it to meet your unique needs!

Ready to show off your brand's true colors? We've made it easier than ever to customize your website, all with no coding required! No matter your grahpic design experience, Castiron makes it easy to publish a site that's beautiful and unique to your brand. Choose from several design templates and shop themes and apply them to your shop in a single click. You can't mess this up (we've tried). It's officially impossible to launch an ugly site on Castiron!

From fun and playful, to timeless and classy, we know you'll find a theme that suits your needs!

It's time to keep it simple, but make it beautiful. Build your website on Castiron.

Get started today and launch your beautiful, custom website in just 10 minutes. Check out our website guide for a step-by-step guide to website creation!

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Lindsay Webb

Product Marketing Associate, Castiron

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