Create a Better Customer Experience With Great Packaging

May 31, 2023

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February 1, 2023

Imagine this: your customer’s daughter’s first birthday is tomorrow and they ordered the most adorable cookies from you. They look like works of art — because they are — but when your customer receives her order, she’s underwhelmed. A boring plastic takeout container? No bakery branding on the package?

A great marketing opportunity just slipped by.

Luckily, this crisis can easily be avoided. Learn how to impress customers and create an incredible experience, from unboxing to eating, with Cyd Mitchell of the Sugar Coin Academy. With a background in finance and business, Cyd started Sugar Coin Academy as a tool for bakers to use, offering business advice and strategies. Whether you're a veteran in the food industry or just getting started, Cyd has advice that will propel your business forward. 

In her latest episode of Cooking Up Sales, Cyd talks about all things packaging. She explains how packaging can be used to enhance your customer’s experience by highlighting the four components of great packaging: branding, ingredient labels, multipurpose functionality, and topped off with the product care instructions your customers need to enjoy your products. The key to great packaging is to be beautiful and unique, while still being functional and cost effective. Listen to Cyd as she provides extremely helpful tips and resources to upgrade your packaging!

About the Author
Grayson Wallace

Content Marketing Intern, Castiron

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