Social Media Content Ideas for Food Businesses: July 2023

June 29, 2023

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June 26, 2023

Are you feeling stumped about what to post on social media? You’re not alone! Posting new content on social media helps grow your following and increase your presence on the app, but coming up with content ideas can be quite challenging. But don’t worry - we have a solution for you! 

Introducing the July content calendar challenge! This calendar is designed to ignite your creativity and help generate fresh ideas for your social media platforms! This challenge encourages you to post more often, try different formats, and connect with your audience on a deeper level - really show them who you are! 

Each day there will be a new content challenge - we’re giving you the idea but it’s up to you to be creative and make the content unique to your brand! There are no right or wrong answers and no guidelines of how or where you should be posting - they could be stories, posts, reels, or comments - do whatever works best for you! 

Remember to tag us on social media (@castironhq) so we can follow along! Happy July and happy posting!

July 1 - International joke day - share your best joke 

Come on we know you have one - let’s start July off laughing! If you can’t think of one play a prank on someone in your life, or post a kitchen fail, that's sure to get some laughs!

July 2 - "If my business was a celebrity it would be..."

This might take some thought - bonus points if the celebrity reacts to your post 👀If Castiron were a celebrity we’d be Tom Hanks cause we wish life was a box of chocolates! 

July 3 - Share your Fourth of July food must-have

We all know July third is technically the Fourth of July eve which means all hands on deck food prep! Show off your favorite Fourth food traditions.

July 4 - Fourth of July festivities

Whether it's hotdogs, waterslides, bike rides, or fireworks - we want to see it all! Even if we’ve already seen 50 stories of fireworks, don’t worry - we’ll still watch yours;)

July 5 - "My summer goal is..."

The Fourth is over and that means back to work! Share your goals for the summer - are you going to be more active on social media? Add a new business venture? 

July 6 - Shout out a fellow entrepreneur
We’re all in this together! The best way to grow your online community is to actually be a part of one! Be active on social media by highlighting an entrepreneur you look up to! (They’ll probably repost you on their story, attracting new followers!)

July 7 - Share a behind-the-scenes look at your biz

Give your audience an inside look at what it takes to run your own business - we know it’s not easy and there’s a lot involved so highlight the aspects you’re proudest of! 

July 8 - Be a kid again day - post your favorite childhood activity 

Remember when you were a kid and all you looked forward to was the first day of summer vacation? Pull on some heartstrings by bringing back some childhood nostalgia.

July 9 - National Sugar Cookie Day
Whether you’re a cookie baker or not, everyone deserves a sugar cookie! Get some friends together and have a baking party! Bonus points if you sell them after! 

July 10 - Meme Monday
There’s nothing better than a funny and relatable meme to get you through the Monday workday! This is a great way to connect with your community and show your personality!

July 11 - A day in the life

Take viewers along with you for a day in the life of an entrepreneur! Whether it's a busy errand day, or a slow day in the kitchen - be creative and write a fun storyline your viewers will connect with! 

July 12 - "Growing up I thought I was going to be..."

What did you want to be when you were little? Did you always want to own your own business? Did you become what you wanted to be? 

July 13 - Share a customer review 

We know you’re awesome so it's about time you show everyone else how awesome you are! Whether it's an old review or one from this week, post a customer testimony to show new customers what they’re missing! 

July 14 - Post your best business advice

We all started from somewhere and have learned so much along the way. What’s something you wish you knew before getting started? What’s something you’re still working on?

July 15 - Share a non-baking hobby

What’s life like outside the kitchen? Give a glimpse of what your life is like without the apron on - you might even find a connection with someone in your community! 

July 16 - Start a giveaway - encourage people to share your social media
Hosting a giveaway is a great way to grow your online following - encourage participants to follow you and reshare your post in order to enter - that way more people will see your platform! 

July 17 - Why did you start your business 

Everyone has a story and it deserves to be told! Why did you decide to start your own business? Was it a solo effort or a team effort?

July 18 - Create a reel of your set-up process

Lately, on social media, people love to see set-up processes and what is involved behind the scenes of a business - challenge yourself by making an ASMR video!

July 19 - show off your fan-favorite product

Obviously your customers love your products so we want to see which one is a crowd favorite! This could be your most ordered product or highest reviewed product!

July 20 - The culinary product I couldn't live without is…

There are so many products on the market that make your baking life easier but if you could only pick one product you couldn’t live without, which would it be? Hard decision!

July 21 - Post your working jam sesh playlist

We love a kitchen jam sesh - especially when we can use a whisk as a microphone! Post your go-to workday jam sesh and ask what your community is listening to!

July 22 - The food creation I'm proudest of is…

It’s time to be a little boastful - you deserve it! Which of your food creations are you proudest of? Maybe it was a new skill you learned or a tight deadline you met - whatever it is, show it off!

July 23 - Shout out your biggest supporter 

We wouldn’t be where we are today without a team of support behind us! Whether it’s your partner, kids, parents, friends, or customers - thank those who have gotten you here! 

July 24 - Post pictures of your skill progression

We all started somewhere! Show how your skills have processed as you’ve grown your business or a business venture you’ve developed - we love progress!

July 25 - Share a packaging video

For some reason packaging videos seem to do the trick on social media - this is a great way to show off your unique packaging and customer service! 

July 26 - Share a mid-workday selfie 

The messier the better! Show your community how committed you are to your business by sharing a workday selfie when things aren’t picture-perfect. 

July 27 - #TBT - Share a picture of when you first started 

We love Throwback Thursday! Show us what your business looked like when you first started or if you’re just starting, share some vintage kitchen inspiration pics!

July 28 - Thank your customers

As a business owner, you know how important customers are to your success and growth! Take a second to thank your customers for their loyalty and recommendations

July 29 - Share a food fail 

Hey, we’ve all been there - it’s not funny at the moment but looking back on it, you have to admit it's pretty funny! Bonus - share the lesson you learned from your mistake!

July 30 - Share: Where do you see your business in 5 years? 

As an entrepreneur, having a dream is so incredibly important - it’s the reason why you’re doing all this! Where has your dream taken you now? How about in 5 years?

July 31 - Month recap - share your favorite order(s)

Phew! It’s been a long month full of creative and engaging content! Look back at your month and share your favorite order, or something new you learned along the way!

We can’t wait to see all the unique and creative content you post! Remember these are just content ideas, but it’s up to you to make them your own and use them to grow your content calendar! 

Remember to tag us @castironhq so we can follow along! Let’s get the content rolling! 

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