New to Castiron: Custom Domains

May 3, 2023

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May 3, 2023

Here at Castiron we pride ourselves on building a platform that works for you and your business. Your feedback is what keeps us moving in the right direction. And once again, it’s your feedback, that’s led to the development of our newest feature on Castiron! 

For the past two years, we’ve heard time and time again that… 

You want to use your own domain on Castiron. 

Castiron’s URL is too long for your customers to remember.

You want to keep your brand consistent… including your URL.  

You’d like a URL that’s more unique to you. 

The requests were innumerable:

Introducing Custom Domains on Castiron Pro! 

We're so excited to announce that members of Castiron Pro are now able to use a custom domain for their website.

To get started, members of Castiron Pro can navigate to “Shop Settings” and select “Domains” to manage their domain settings. Our instructions and domain guide make it easy to get everything migrated over and to update DNS settings with your Domain Host. 

Note: members of Castiron pro are not yet able to purchase a domain through Castiron. Rather, Castiron is now able to support domains from external hosts, such as GoDaddy or Google Domains. 

Not a member of Castiron Pro? Start your free 14-day trial or upgrade today!

About the Author
Lindsay Webb

Product Marketing Associate, Castiron

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