Welcome, Bowery Capital and Foundry Group

July 15, 2023

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January 18, 2022

Today we announced our new round of funding, from Bowery Capital, Foundry Group, and High Alpha. We are not celebrating today. It’s not a finish line, by any means. Rather, it’s a starting point and a good moment to say thanks, acknowledge those who are supporting us, and to continue our daily mission to support an amazing group of entrepreneurs. 

First, to the artisans who inspire us. We had a hypothesis that folks needed a solution like Castiron and we've validated that there are even more out there than we imagined. We are grateful you’ve tried us in our early phases and we're as energized as ever to put you first in everything we do. The candid feedback, the support and kind words, the willingness to partner: it fuels us. Some nights, it's hard to sleep because we're so excited for what's to come.

Next, thank you to Mike Brown and Loren Straub at Bowery Capital for being the first folks to step up and commit to our round. Mike and I have known each other for many years and I value his candor, speed, and experience. We’re lucky to have you join our Board of Directors. 

To Brad Feld, Chris Moody, Seth Levine and the rest of the team at Foundry Group, thank you. Moody and I go way back, and Brad was incredibly helpful as I was charting my next career moves. It was Brad who introduced me to the team at High Alpha. And Seth literally wrote the book on what we’re doing at Castiron. There is not a more experienced, smarter, and nicer team than Foundry.

To our partners at High Alpha, Scott Dorsey, Mike Fitzgerald, Kristian Andersen, Eric Tobias, Egan Montgomery, Hope Williams, Michelle Watts, Blake Koriath, Drew Beechler, Tim Page, Mollie Kuramoto, Sean Chen, Jon Hubartt, Eric Grzeskowiak, Shon Keesling, Melissa Nauert, Amanda Carroll, Sinead O’Rourke, Marianne Martinez, and everyone else, thank you for being with us from day one.

Lastly, thank you to the tiny-but-mighty team at Castiron HQ. We have fun every day and your enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication to our artisans is infectious.

Let’s go!

About the Author
Mark Josephson

Founder and CEO, Castiron

Mark Josephson is the Founder and CEO of Castiron. Mark brings 25 years of relevant experience including helping build one of the first creator-focused businesses, About.com (now DotDash), and as CEO of hyperlocal technology company Outside.in and freemium SaaS pioneer Bitly.

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