As the founder of Cupcake Project, Stefani has been delighting taste buds and inspiring bakers since 2007. Her recipe blog has become a go-to resource for all things baking (especially cupcakes), offering a treasure trove of delectable creations and innovative flavor combinations that never fail to impress.But Stefani's journey didn't stop at Cupcake Project. In response to the challenging times we faced during the pandemic, she embarked on a mission to foster a sense of community and connection among bakers. Thus, The Bake Fest was born: an incredible virtual gathering of baking enthusiasts, experts, and baking brands. It has become a haven where bakers come together to share knowledge, support each other, and celebrate the art of baking.Driven by her desire to nurture and empower bakers beyond the event experience, Stefani established Baker Bosses—an extension of the Bake Fest community that offers year-round engagement, education, and inspiration for home business bakers. It's a place where bakers can thrive, grow their skills, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for growing a baking business.Beyond her impressive contributions to the baking world, Stefani's talents extend to the realm of digital marketing. Through her venture, Build Digital Marketing, she collaborates with a partner to manage social media accounts and create captivating content for brands. With their expertise, they help businesses shine on social media.But Stefani's world isn't just about baking and digital marketing. She cherishes the roles of being a mother and wife. Her 13-year-old son and her husband are not only her biggest supporters but also valued collaborators in her endeavors. Together, they form a dynamic team!When Stefani is not whisking up delectable treats or crafting compelling social media strategies, you might find her defying gravity on aerial silks.