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Easy-to-use digital store builder

Build your charcuterie board or grazing table business online in 20 minutes or less - absolutely no tech expertise or coding needed.

Use our food templates, add your branding and products, and make your first sale.

All the business tools you need

Think you don’t know anything about business? We got you.

Custom order forms, invoicing, scheduling, inventory tracking, fulfillment, payments - we make it easy.

Track & grow your customer base

Get all you need to easily get more customers - and keep them coming back.

Castiron includes email list-building tools, automated email marketing, social media templates, and more.

Delight your customers

Deliver the best experience for your customers, from browsing online to enjoying your food at their home table (or at an event venue).

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Castiron is made up of food-loving technologists & entrepreneurs who are here to support YOUR small business.

Get access to our community of 1,000+ owners, 100s of help articles, and 24/7 customer service.

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