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Have you always wanted to open your own restaurant or food business? Do your loved ones always comment on how you make the best cookies or blackberry jam? Is your barbeque sauce or brisket seasoning award-winning? If so, then you might consider becoming a chef at home and selling your creations online to others across the globe.

The great news is home chef careers are on the rise as more people discover the benefits of working from home, being their own boss, and sharing their passion for tasty treats with the world. And, let’s face it. Those are some pretty sweet benefits for turning your love for whipping up delicious culinary fare into a home cooked food business.

However, it does take a bit of work and a little creative marketing to get your brand off the ground and onto the plates of your customers. Which is where our Castiron team is here to help.

Ready for a few tips on how to make money selling food from home? Here we go!

1. Build Your Social Media Following

When selling home-cooked food to the public, it is important to grow your social media following. Share plenty of posts with professional photos, behind-the-scenes video, and more. This gives your potential customers insight into what you do and why sharing your specialty foods with the world is so important to you.

Which platforms are best? Instagram is great for items that are visually pretty on the plate, like decorated baked goods and jarred sauces. You can also opt to show people how to use your product in recipes by creating Instagram Reels, short TikTok videos, or even full-length YouTube videos. Some home chefs have even joined Twitch to livestream the process, which is an excellent way to build a true sense of community.

2. Understand SEO

Part of growing a successful personal chef website is understanding the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). This means knowing what words to include on each page and in the descriptions for your products and how people search for those types of items.

While you don’t need an in-depth amount of knowledge on how to do this when you’re first starting out, taking the extra time to learn on-page SEO best practices is a good place to start until the traffic to your website starts to grow.

3. Use Excellent Photos

While this certainly isn’t a way to use technology to grow your business, it does tie in with the whole process. In order to gain new customers, they need to be able to visually see what they’re buying from you. This means always committing to using excellent photos with clear backgrounds.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to do this. Most smartphone cameras these days offer excellent quality. And tech apps like Canva and others make it simple to add text or a watermark to protect your brand.

4. Start an Email List

One of the easiest ways to always keep your new customers in the loop about your home chef menu is by starting an email list. There are a bunch of great programs out there that make it easy to legally collect addresses and send out mass emails when you have a new product, are running a sale, or just want to get in touch with your ideal customers.

How do you get people to agree to join? Offer a small coupon, free sample, or other incentive for signing up. You can even collect email addresses for your list in the same fashion when attending in-person events, like craft fairs and community festivals.

5. Choose the Right Platform for Your Website

Finally, the easiest way to grow your business is by using an app for selling home cooked food. And that’s where Castiron comes in.

With our free and easy-to-use platform, you can create your own online food website in minutes. Best of all, there’s no monthly subscription and we only charge a small fee when a customer makes a purchase.

That’s why we’re a favorite for those who are just starting their culinary eCommerce journey. In fact, we’re happy to be one of the best up-and-coming online food selling apps online and cannot wait to show you why.

Wrap Up: The Best App for Home Chefs

A big part of learning how to sell homemade food online includes researching various ways to use technology for growth. With Castiron, you can create your own website in minutes, making it easier than ever before to attract new customers. Then use the tips we’ve included here to help spread the word.

Ready to learn more about Castiron? Please sign up today to get started or contact us with any questions you have.

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