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Best Apps for Home Bakers

When it comes to the best apps for home bakers, most people don’t know where to begin. The market is flooded with apps, each of which provides unique functionality in the context of creating tasty culinary concoctions. The best apps for bakery business typically cost money, though the occasional free app for bakery orders has legitimate merit. Instead of sorting through all the home bakery apps on your own, consider the best home bakery app list as detailed below.

Best Apps for Home-Based Bakery Businesses


Castiron makes it that much easier to build and scale a food business. The app allows independent food artisans, especially bakers who are selling food from home, to build and run their entire business online. Build a custom shop, add products and order forms, manage payments and customer information, create a photo gallery, and much more — all in one place. You can also use Castiron's built-in marketing tools to drive repeat orders for your business.

Use Castiron to steer your audience toward your products, process orders and accept payments, and you’ll find it doesn’t take long for your food business to build momentum.


Home-based food businesses are deadline-driven. You can track order deadlines, progress and other business-related details with the Bakesy app.  Bakesy makes the operations component of a food business that much easier, ultimately empowering you to focus on your strengths as a cook.

Bake Diary

This app helps food business owners overcome administrative challenges. Bake Diary is geared toward home bakers with a particular focus on cake-lovers, helping them manage the seemingly endless number of daily business-related tasks. The app facilitates the tracking of orders, appointments, invoices, payments and more. 


Panadero, an app used to calculate figures related to recipes, makes baking at home easy and stress-free.  Panadero empowers home cooks to compare different recipes and alter ingredient levels downward and upward in amounts in accordance with each individual recipe.  Panadero even goes to the extent of providing estimates for ingredient costs to ensure the financial burden of the ingredients doesn’t extend beyond the budgeted amount.

Best Apps for Home Cooks

Not quite ready to start your own home baking business? These apps can help you any time you're in the kitchen.


Think back to the last time you tried to turn the pages of a cookbook while your hands were covered in sauce, batter, dough or another culinary mixture. Instead of attempting to progress through the pages of a traditional tangible cookbook with dirty hands, opt for the digital and comparably efficient iCookbook. This program features voice controls that empower users to simply state, “next” to instruct the cookbook to transition to the next step/page of the recipe.

The Martha Stewart Makes Cookies App

When it comes to all things domestic, including baking, Martha Stewart reigns supreme.  The queen of the home kitchen also has her own baking app. The app features everything from food packaging advice to tips for making tasty cookies, instructional videos and more. Whether you are considering fielding online bakery orders, looking for home bakery menu ideas or are simply keeping an open mind to the best apps for bakery businesses, you owe it to yourself to give Martha’s app a try.


Epicurious has a popular website yet its app is also making inroads with home cooks. Pivot away from the Epicurious website to the Epicurious Recipe app on your tablet, Android or iPhone and you’ll be able to look through nearly 30,000 recipes.


Out of all the apps for home bakery business, Yummly emerges as one of the most intriguing.  Yummly makes it easy for home chefs to find new recipes, prepare amazing dishes and get the most out of the culinary experience in the house.  The app is a search engine geared toward the specific dietary preferences and requirements of each user.  Enter your dietary specifications such as vegetarian, vegan, and allergies into the app, search for the optimal recipes and it won’t take long to whip up a fully personalized meal specifically geared to you, your kids, your significant other, other family members or guests.

Food Network in the Kitchen

This handy app empowers home cooks to create delicious meals and treats with the guidance of their favorite TV chefs.  The app pairs users with their preferred TV chef on a smartphone, giving them the option of 70,000 recipes to whip up with video instruction provided by their preferred chef.  The app also empowers users to create recipe notes and find meals in accordance with specific TV chefs or certain ingredients.

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