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Home Bakery Software

If you’ve ever looked into running your own home bakery business, then you’ll have realized how much work goes into it, outside of the fun part where you get to bake your delicious goods. You need to be able to keep track of your inventory, monitor stock levels, track customer details and preferences, take online bakery orders, and so much more.

If you’re a whizz with Excel and other programs, as well as in the kitchen, it might be tempting to use what you’re used to when managing your home bakery. But Excel has its limits when it comes to bakery management and you’d be far better off with specialized home bakery software.

That might sound expensive, but you’d be surprised. And you’ll certainly enjoy how much time you can free up when you’re using the right tools for the job.

So, what are your options when it comes to the best apps for home bakers? Home bakery apps vary, both in what they offer and in cost. Let’s see what you should be looking out for when it comes to finding the right home bakery app.

1. Inventory management

When you’re managing and creating multiple products, you need to know what products you’ve got left in stock and so do your customers.

Choose a bakery app that allows you to set the quantity for each product and that automatically updates each time you sell an item. That way, you can be sure that customers can’t order a sold-out product.

If you try manually tracking this, not only will you end up with a headache, but you might have customer service issues if you have to tell a customer that you can’t meet the order they just placed.

Save yourself the hassle and get a bakery online ordering system that will keep track for you.

2. Customization of orders

When selling a variety of baked goods with different options, it’s far more convenient for customers if they can select toppings, fillings, and other customizations themselves online.

Any app to sell baked goods is only worth it if it’s easy to use for you and your customers and it gives your customers control over what they’re ordering.

A bakery app with this feature makes it easy for you too. You’ll get an order notification with all the details at your fingertips.

3. Tracking of common allergens

Some of your customers may be allergic to certain food items, such as nuts and dairy products. When you have repeat customers, you don’t want to have to rely on your memory for such an important issue.

Get your hands on home bakery software that allows you to keep customer details and notes on any allergies they have.

This reduces the chances of any errors and keeps your customers coming back because they know you’re taking notice of what they want and need.

4. Taking payments online

Most businesses nowadays take payments online for their goods. In fact, it’s unusual to find a business that doesn’t.

Add the professional touch to your home bakery with an app that lets you easily take payments online. You’ll find your business a breeze to run, and customers will thank you for a smooth, easy transaction.

In addition, take the stress out of managing sales tax in different states by finding an app that will automatically do that for you.

5. A website that shows off your business

You started your business so you could create beautifully tasty baked goods, not so you could learn web design. Go for a home bakery app that will help you create a stunning website for your business in just a few clicks.

Your website is your storefront on the internet, and you want to present the best first impression, so website software that’s intuitive and easy to use but gives you great results is a must.

6. Your money in your hands quickly

Some online e-commerce apps only pay out once a month or sometimes even less than that. The fact is, you need healthy cash flow to keep buying ingredients and keep your bakery going. You don’t want your hard-earned dollars tied up in someone else’s system for weeks. You want to be able to get your hands on your earnings each week so that you can pay your bills, restock, and pay yourself, too.

Find yourself a bakery app that will let you withdraw your earnings once a week, so then you aren’t struggling to keep your cash flow going.

7. Excellent support

If you’ve got questions or need some help, it’s really important that your home bakery app is backed by the very best in customer support.

Take your time and chat to customer support before you pick a bakery app. You’ll then see what sort of customer service you’ll get when you need it.

There are other important things to look out for when choosing home bakery software. Can you have unlimited product listings and transactions? Do you get e-commerce and marketing help included? Do you get quick order notifications, so you never miss an order? Can you choose your fulfilment options? Does your app have marketing automation?

It’s worth taking your time and looking into what options you have before picking your new bakery app.

But where can you find all of these features in home bakery software? You could choose from apps like Bake Diary or Bakesy, but each of these has a monthly subscription and you could find yourself paying out before you’ve made any profit.

Instead, why not take a look at Castiron’s app for bakery orders? It’s free and it always will be. You can build yourself a website quickly and easily and our app comes with all the features we mentioned above and more.

Why not sign up and take a look around? We think you’ll love what we have to offer, and we’d love to welcome you to our community.

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