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How to Start Selling Food Online

Few things stimulate more enjoyment than shared meals of delectable foods. Now, it’s easier than ever to follow your passion as a food artisan and start a small food business at home. Modern technology offers innovative tools and leveraged software that propel growth, allowing you to reap the rewards of entrepreneurship. Today, there is an opportunity for everyone equally!

This article dives into cottage food laws and how cottage food operators can start selling their homemade food online legally. It also offers some free powerful resources to help you launch your homemade cottage food business into a profitable future.

What is cottage food?

Cottage foods are those that are not likely to grow dangerous bacteria or other harmful microbes at room temperature. They are “potentially non-hazardous” food items, like jams, jellies, and some baked goods.

In the past, selling homemade foods was limited to flea markets, craft shows, and similar venues. However, with modern technological advancements, it’s now simple, fast, and FREE to launch your cottage food website.

There has been a lot of progress made in the last decade concerning cottage food laws. Today, nearly all US states have unique cottage food laws in place that dictate which foods can be sold, where they may be sold, and how much gross sales an operator is permitted.

You’ll need to check the laws specific to the state you live in to understand all the details. A good place to begin research is with your state’s Department of Agriculture.

How can cottage food operators start selling their homemade food online legally?

Do you need a permit to sell food from home? You may or may not, depending on the state you live in. Home-based food business laws differ by state.

For instance, in California, you would have to get a license from the health department in the county you live in. However, in Alaska, you need no permit or license for selling home cooked food to the public at farmer’s markets, special events, or roadside stands.

So it’s important to perform due diligence while planning a home-based food business launch. Make sure to thoroughly address all of the prerequisites that apply to your situation. Knowing that you have all the bases covered will make you feel confident and legitimize your business.

How to Sell Homemade Food Online

It’s the best time in history to learn how to sell homemade food online, and then hone your operations until you’re able to make a nice living. Maybe you are already experienced in selling homemade foods at special events, fairs, and farmer’s markets. And that’s awesome!

However, you’re going to need a streamlined approach, determination, and consistent focus to forge a path into the exploding market. It’s better to keep your product line limited in the beginning. Focus on a single product to gain industry experience and sharpen your skills.

Again, learn about your state’s cottage food laws and always stay in compliance. These laws are typically easy to abide by, inexpensive when fees are assessed, and keep you legally protected. Some states require annual kitchen inspections for cottage food operations.

Online Food Selling Apps

Modern technology makes selling food online easier than ever. You can sell your delicious creations either on a customized food sales website, with an app to sell homemade foods, or both. There are various online homemade food sales platforms to consider, and you should be looking for some important features, including:

The homemade food business platform you select should provide you with an inclusive set of solutions to meet your unique goals and requirements. And, you want to bring your business online with the help and support of knowledgeable and helpful tech professionals.

That’s what Castiron offers: technology that can centralize your online forms, orders, payments, messages, and fulfillment stats. Castiron is a top-rated and FREE online resource to help you learn more about selling homemade foods online.

The team at Castiron is dedicated to the success of chefs, cottage cooks, and food artisans who want to sell their delightful food products online. Many of our customers design and launch their websites and make their first sales within 24 hours! And we’ll be there with you at every step as you launch your food selling website.

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