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What Do I Need to Sell Food From Home?

Several of America's best-known food entrepreneurs, including Martha Stewart, Paul Newman, and Debbie Fields (better known as Mrs. Fields), got their start selling home-cooked food to the public. If you are skilled in cooking and baking, it is only natural to wonder about how to make money selling food from home.

After all, you already have the equipment you need, you are familiar with the ingredients, and you won't need to make the $50,000 to $500,000 investment needed to open even a small cafe. But you need to know the rules on selling food from home, the various legal requirements and costs, before you can know whether selling homemade food in person and selling homemade food online are worth it.

Key Considerations for Selling Food You Make at Home

Here are the most important considerations for deciding whether you want to start a home food business:

Cottage Food Laws

Most states have enacted cottage food laws to cut through the red tape involved in licensing large commercial kitchens. These laws are enacted by state legislatures and enforced by local health departments.

It is always important to know your state's cottage food laws before you start your home food business. These laws limit what you can sell and how much you can earn, but they also protect you and the public from unfortunate incidents in the production of food.

Ten Secrets for a Successful Home Food Business

Once you have made sure you understand your local cottage food laws and you have all your required licenses and permits, it's time to get started! Here are some ideas for getting your business off the ground quickly.

Now that you've got an answer to "What do I need to sell food from home?", open your homemade food business' online storefront today.

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