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Commercial Kitchen In Home

Many start up food service businesses begin in someone's home. Keep in mind that building a commercial kitchen in your home requires acquiring the right equipment, licensing your business and following the same regulations applicable to commercial kitchens.

It’s important to understand the requirements for commercial kitchen at home. Some states have cottage kitchen laws for licensing residential kitchens for business purposes. This is much simpler than building a separate kitchen, but it also limits what products you can produce and sell.

Adding a commercial kitchen in-home allows you to expand the products that you make and sell, and it also increases the volume of products you can produce. Plus, you get the added benefit of regaining your own kitchen for personal and family use.

First, you have to choose a location to put your commercial kitchen. This basically comes down to where you have space. If possible, consider the easiest place to tap into your existing plumbing to save on startup cost. If you have a large enough property, try to build the kitchen far enough away that odors and noise won't disturb your daily life.

In order to create a professional chef home kitchen design, take into account that you'll need to load and unload products. For example, it's difficult to carry heavy boxes and equipment up and down steps. Consider the logistics of large refrigeration units and other equipment that might require higher ceiling Heights and other considerations.

Commercial Kitchen at Home Ideas

Unless you live in a very large home, you probably have limited space to build your commercial kitchen at home. Integrate storage using hanging shelves and under-counter areas and maximize space as best as you can.

It’s important to shop around to find the best commercial kitchen appliances for home setups. You want to select appliances that can handle the added demands of a business. However, don't go overboard on size or you could be wasting space you need for other items. When designing the layout for your professional home kitchen appliances, remember to put noisy items such as mixers and refrigerators where they are least likely to disturb family activities.

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Small Commercial Kitchen Layout Example

It's important to understand how to set up a small commercial kitchen in your home. Small kitchens typically require about 500 square feet of space, but many home businesses operate in much smaller spaces.

First, let's take a look at the different types of commercial kitchen layout styles. It may be worthwhile to invest in a commercial kitchen layout tool.

To get you started here are three popular kitchen layouts for home kitchens:

Restaurant Kitchen Layout With Dimensions

It's important to take exact measurements of the space available. Jot down the dimensions of doorways, windows and plumbing lines. Once you know the space you have to work with, write down ideas for where to place your equipment and other items. Then, hire an architect or contractor to produce blueprints you can present to the health and building departments.

You have to get your blueprints approved before you can begin installing equipment or making any changes. Also, now is a good time to ensure that you have the right fire suppression equipment, electrical wiring schematics and other requirements for your municipality.

If you have to submit your plans electronically, use a commercial kitchen layout pdf file. This can prevent accidental changes from being saved to the file and is easier for end users to open than plans from proprietary software.

Commercial-Style Kitchen at Home

You can also use commercial kitchen ideas for your home use. You may not need a large restaurant kitchen setup, but you can definitely opt for an organized, commercial-inspired kitchen.

Commercial-style kitchens do not have to have steel countertops and a bossy chef. You can design a convenient cooking space that establishes an easy workflow and helps you stay organized while preparing large meals.

Commercial kitchen layouts focus on safety and maintaining a workflow. There are simple things you can do to create a more efficient home kitchen. for example, is your food prep area near storage spaces such as the pantry or refrigerator? this allows you to prepare fresh ingredients quickly before moving on to the next step.

A professional kitchen design allows you to optimize your kitchen environment. Technically, you don't have to adhere to commercial kitchen code requirements when you're cooking for your family. However, ensuring that you have good lighting, nonslip floors, and proper ventilation can ensure a safe environment for anyone helping you prepare the food or hanging out in the kitchen.

Commercial kitchen rules and regulations ensure safe food products or consumers. A thoughtful kitchen layout can help you follow some of the same rules and regulations and encourages you to follow safe food handling practices.

If you hire an architect to help you create your new kitchen at home, ask for a commercial kitchen design standards pdf so that you can get some good ideas on how to layout your own workspaces and appliances.

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Commercial Kitchen License

It's important to learn what licenses you need to operate a commercial kitchen at home. For instance, you might have separate local and state permits to consider. Hiring a general contractor an architect can help you ensure that you meet the requirements to set up your business.

For example, if you want a commercial kitchen license California, you need to follow the states rules for safe food production to avoid foodborne illnesses. Local and state health departments regulate and inspect commercial kitchens, including those built in your home.

Commercial Kitchen Regulations

Many states have consistent rules when it comes to reviewing plans and inspecting commercial kitchens. For example, you have to plan for separate sinks for washing your hands, preparing food, washing dishes and wringing out your mop. Pest control and other dangerous chemicals have to have a separate storage area and there are also regulations regarding cleanliness and hygiene for food preparation surfaces.

In addition to knowing the general rules for your local municipality and state, you also need to understand rules that apply to your food products. For example, you need a specific bakery license in Michigan before baking products and selling them to the public.

Commercial Kitchen Licenses

If you operate a food truck or catering service, there are also rules and regulations for catering kitchen requirements that apply to safe handling for transported food. You’ll need to obtain an MDARD food license and follow other Michigan commercial kitchen requirements.

Michigan food law also includes zoning laws that restrict where you can prepare and serve food. It's important to cultivate the necessary relationships to ensure that you understand and follow all the rules, laws and regulations impacting your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

In this section, we provide a list of some of the equipment to consider for your commercial kitchen. It includes the primary types of equipment needed to run a typical commercial kitchen. You can use it to make a list and stock your own equipment as appropriate.

When shopping for commercial kitchen equipment for sale don't buy the first suitable appliance or equipment. Instead, visit several commercial kitchen equipment vendors so that you understand the pricing range in the industry.

Search on the internet for “commercial kitchen equipment near me” to get an idea of how many vendors there are in the area. Then, call up several of them to find out if they have commercial kitchen equipment used but still in good working order.

Commercial kitchen equipment can be quite expensive. It's important to set aside a realistic budget when it comes to commercial grade kitchen equipment for your startup business. you can also try going to a commercial kitchen equipment auction. when restaurants and other food businesses go out of business, you can often get cheap commercial kitchen equipment.

Commercial Kitchen For Rent

If you aren't ready to set up your commercial kitchen at home, consider renting commercial kitchen space for your enterprise or event.

Commercial Kitchen for Rent Near Me

You can look online for commercial kitchens for rent. Companies such as the Kitchen Door list companies with a commercial kitchen for rent by the hour. First, determine whether you need commercial kitchen for rent monthly, daily or longer.

Many communities have a “commercial kitchen space for rent near me” that operates a shared kitchen. For example you can get a commercial kitchen for rent in NJ by searching for “commissary kitchen for rent near me” or “commercial kitchen for rent monthly near me.”

If you're ready to take the next leap you can also consider buying a small restaurant for sale. useful search terms to begin your search include “small restaurant for sale near me” or “commercial kitchen for sale near me.” You might also want to consult with a commercial real estate agent who may have some insight on a closed restaurant for sale that you can get for a bargain.

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