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How to Ship Baked Goods

Figuring out how to ship baked goods might feel like an incredible challenge, especially during special celebrations and holidays. You’ll first need to educate yourself about shippable baked goods, baked goods packaging ideas, how to package baked goods, and how to ship baked goods to ensure all items get to their destinations in pristine condition.

While exciting, shipping baked goods properly is pretty tricky. It’s important to put product ingredients and weather into consideration since they play a vital role in the whole process. Choose products that can maintain their shape and freshness for more than a few hours. Mailing items such as ice-cream can be challenging. However, foods such as muffins, brownies, pies, cakes, etc., will arrive with their freshness intact.

Whether you’re sending a casual brownie package to a loved one or mailing dozens of cookies for a corporate order, you must know how to package brownies for shipping, cookies for shipping, and other foods for shipping. With a few materials such as a strong box, plastic wrap for baked goods, and some stuffing material, you can ship your cookies effortlessly.

If you are sending the package to someone special, you may also need to learn how to wrap brownies as a gift. Gifts are all about presentation. There are countless tutorials on the internet on how to wrap baked goods in parchment paper. It’s a simple but effective method of wrapping homemade baked goods. Parchment paper is a great, opaque wrapping paper, best known for its non-stick quality. While plastic wrap and foil seals out air, parchment paper allows your goodies to breathe and maintain their original form.

Most baked goods are really at their best for only a few days, which makes them ideal for domestic shipping. Shipping baked goods via USPS, UPS, or courier services are two options that you have to mail your brownies, muffins, biscuits, cakes, etc. Choose your shipping method wisely.

How to Ship Baked Goods Fedex

FedEx is a global leader in the package delivery market, but can you ship frozen food through FedEx? The simple answer is – YES, you can. Read on and learn how to ship baked goods to FedEx. USPS is the cheapest way to ship perishable food. However, FedEx carrier services are most popular for their efficiency and convenience.

Although pricier than other shipping carriers, their services are worth every penny when shipping food. While FedEx is one of the most convenient modes of shipping frozen perishables, you must take several precautions when shipping your goods to avoid losses. Perishable goods may face harsh weather conditions while en route, and the only way to keep them fresh is through insulation and refrigeration. You must also arm yourself with information on how to ship frozen food. For food that can go bad really quickly if not stored with care, such as meat, veggies, etc., FedEx is the best shipping option.

FedEx offers a flat rate of $12-$15 for delivery of medium boxes in the 3-day range, depending on distance. The carrier also offers home package pickup options at a fee. Ensure that you use their price calculator to compare FedEx perishable shipping rates (flat rate vs. FedEx food shipping cost of a specific package). Keep in mind that the box dimensions, weight, and distance are all factors used to determine the cost.

With FedEx, your perishable goods will arrive after 3 days, 2 days, 1 day, or even the same day, depending on your preference (and how much you're willing to pay). However, FedEx recommends packaging perishable goods to withstand being on the move for at least 30 hours. You should also avoid shipping perishable products over the weekend or a holiday period. Given that perishable goods may be affected by harsh environmental conditions, how do you ship perishable food? You should package your goods carefully and provide appropriate temperature stability.

Insulation and refrigeration help to preserve perishable products such as meat, veggies, fruits, plants, seafood, dairy products, etc. This is how you maintain specific temperature ranges of products. Insulation reduces heat transfer through containers, while refrigeration helps to keep perishables frozen or cold. You can get more detailed guidelines on packaging and shipping recommendations via FedEx carriers here.

How to Ship Baked Goods USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) ships perishable material at the mailer’s own risk. Given that food is a permissible perishable, here’s how to mail food USPS. Sending baked goods to your friends and family is a wonderful way of showing love. The only hitch is knowing how to ship baked goods through the mail and ensure they remain undamaged and arrive on time.

It’s important to ensure that baked goods are delivered without unnecessary delays or adjustments. Here’s how to ship baked goods by USPS:

Although baked foods are among USPS’s permissible perishables, not all baked foods ship well. What are the best baked goods to send in the mail? When it comes to baked goods, the harder varieties ship best. Goods such as thick chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread, hard cookies, brownies, blondies are great choices for shipping as they maintain their shapes and freshness in transit.

Baked goods that won’t crumble in transit are best. Avoid flimsy products like brandy snaps or lace cookies. Cookies with nuts are also not a good choice for shipping as they may compromise the freshness when the nuts' natural oils ooze. Delicate baked goods are less likely to survive the journey, no matter how meticulously they are packaged.

Now that you know the best baked goods to send in the mail, it’s important to learn USPS food shipping rates, how to package baked goods and other perishables for shipping. While each product has different requirements, the process is pretty much the same. It’s important to package and ship baked goods within all USPS’s guidelines and recommendations.

How to Ship Baked Goods UPS

Does UPS ship food? Yes, they do. UPS carriers are best for large shipments, where you can negotiate your rates. They are also ideal for highly perishable goods due to their expedited shipping times. If you choose UPS as your preferred shipping carrier, here’re a few tips and guidelines on packaging and UPS food shipping cost. For frozen food, UPS dry ice shipping is the best option as it maintains stable temperatures. You must read and understand dry ice requirements as it needs special handling.

Use strong, insulated foam packaging for your goods. Naturally, you can't expect to just throw dry ice into a cardboard box and get good cottage food shipping results. Plastic wrappers are used for items that contain liquid or those that can melt. There are several golden rules on how to ship baked goods UPS. Refrain from shipping cookies that have thick filling, or are too thin and crispy. Cookies that contain dried fruit ship well, as do bar and drop cookies. Preserve the freshness of your baked goods at all costs. If you are unsure about the process of how to ship cookies and other perishables through UPS, here’s more detailed information.

Cheapest Way to Ship Baked Goods

In most cases, the USPS is the cheapest way to ship baked foods — but it's not always the fastest. Whether you are shipping baked goods for business or to a friend, pick one’s that won’t crumble easily while en route. The best way to ship baked goods is by:

The ideal packaging for your product depends on the type of goodie you are shipping. There’s nothing more irritating than receiving a crumbled mess in the mail. Secure your baked goods in a sturdy container to preserve the freshness and form of your treats. Which is the best way to ship baked goods?

The best way to ship baked goods depends on the volume and type of product. The USPS offers the best rates on lightweight packages in addition to fast delivery services. FedEx specializes in frozen food shipping and businesses. Ideally, the shipping cost is dependent on your type of goods, size, and carrier provider.

Best Baked Goods to Ship

Summer may be one of your favorite seasons of the year, but shipping baked goods in hot weather can be tricky. While a great time to have all the sweet treats in the world, the heat can make your baked goods spoil easily. If you are shipping baked goods for business or domestic use, prepare your goods, packaging, and shipping properly.

Should you freeze baked goods before shipping? Freezing baked goods before transit helps in preventing the goods from crumbling and ensures that the items remain moist and fresh throughout. It’s crucial to note that dense baked goods maintain their form better in transit than lighter recipes. Try to find recipes for baked goods that ship well to avoid disappointments and time wastage.

Given that many baked goods ingredients will melt in heat, it’s wise to play safe rather than shipping baked goods by USPS only for the recipient to find a box of crumbled pastry mess. Most baked goods that ship well in summer are made without honey, brown sugar, and syrups among other ingredients that could make your baked goods easily go bad.

Some of the best baked goods to ship include cakes, cookies, breads, which can be served as snacks or desserts. Some other great savory treats to mail include fudge, caramels, bark, marshmallows, brittle and toffee. However, if you choose to ship lighter baked goods, add a slice of bread to the package to help absorb excess moisture and keep your goods fresh for longer.

Remember that any perishable good requiring refrigeration can spoil rather quickly and especially during warm weather. Always choose the quickest shipping option available and one that you can afford. Also, follow your preferred carrier’s guidelines, tips, and recommendations for safe handling of your perishables when shipping.

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