Castiron Bites Esp. 1: Manifesting the Life you Deserve with Kimberly Houston

October 16, 2023

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October 16, 2023

Have you been looking for bite-sized business insights to take your business to the next level? Look no further than Castiron Bites - Castiron’s new weekly webinars designed to help food entrepreneurs develop their business skills in an easy and digestible format. Coach and chef Kimberly Houston helped kick off the new series with her episode on turning challenges into growth opportunities.

To call Kimberly Houston just a coach and chef would dramatically understate all her incredible and diverse ventures. Houston trained at Le Cordon Bleu, has her masters in education, is a life and mindset coach, as well as a mindset practitioner. Additionally, she juggles her roles as an author, podcaster, photography expert, mother of two, all the while pursuing her doctoral studies. You’re probably starting to see why people listen when Kimberly has advice to share. 

In her episode Kimberly explains how she was able to turn the most challenging time of her life into her most successful venture. Pre-Covid, Kimberly was killing it as an Atlanta-based homebaker, whose clientele included The Real HouseWives of Atlanta! She had just been approved for a loan to open her first brick n’ mortar when the pandemic broke out. Over the next few months, Kimberly’s life was turned upside down - all her work to open her shop disappeared, health issues forced her to close her business, all while going through a divorce. Where most people would recede into a depression, Kimberly saw this as an opportunity to reinvent her life. 

Life Pro-Tips 

When asked how she embraces life challenges and grows from them, Kimberly explained it depends on your metal state. “Do it afraid”, she says, “fear and excitement live in the same place in your brain”. The same part of your brain lights up when you're afraid and when you’re excited. So by telling yourself you’re excited, not afraid, you’ll look at your challenges as an opportunity, not a setback. The mind is a very powerful tool. It allows us to manifest the life we not only want, but deserve. Believe you can do it, and then just get out there and do it. Refuse to fail. 

Photography Pro-Tips

Of course, we were talking to a photography expert so naturally we had to ask her for a few protips! Here’s what she had to say: 

  • The better the picture, the more money you can charge. People pay for what they see. Photography skills could be the missing piece to your business’ success!
  • Take your photos upside down. This will create more of a robust photo. Just try it - we promise you won’t be disappointed! 
  • All you need is a ring light. You don’t need all the bells and whistles for amazing photos. Cover your ring light with a pillowcase to disperse the intensity and snap away! 

Of course these are only scratching the surface. To really grow your business, we recommend taking Houston’s photography course. She provides everything you need to know to start taking professional photos including photography 101 and editing tips. 

And best of all, Kimberley is offering Castiron a special 50% deal on her photography class! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity - follow the link to apply the discount! 

You can watch Coach and Chief Kimberly Houston’s Castiron Bites episode below and don’t forget to join us every Wednesday at 12PM ET for Castiron Bites! 

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