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Free Cookie Order Form Template

What is a free cookie order form template? Fast answer: It’s an e-commerce tool that home-based cookie bakers and other food artisans can use to streamline their operations and grow their businesses. But we’re not stopping with a short answer like that here. Nope!

Read on to learn about the cookie ordering forms that Castiron offers and how they can help you to simplify the way you interact with your customers and take their orders, achieve more order fulfillment accuracy, expand your customer base, and satisfy the needs of your patrons. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to make an order form. We have it all ready for you.)

Castiron's cake, cookie, cupcake, and other order form templates make it easy as pie to collect the information you need from customers. Start using our custom order form templates today!

What is a food pre order form template free?

A free food pre order form template is a digital tool for home chefs and bakers to take online orders from customers. It saves the time and energy involved with taking orders in-person or via the telephone. It also makes order-taking mistakes less frequent because the customer fills in the form with the details they wish for.

What features should a cookie purchase order template offer?

The best free cookie order form templates offer a full array of features that make life and business easier for home bakers and chefs. Some of these features include customizable ordering options, customer data capture, communications, payment processing, and sales diagnostics.

Which is the best editable free order form template?

That question is simple to answer. It’s the free food ordering templates available from Castiron! And that’s not all. Castiron offers much more. In fact, Castiron offers everything you need to launch, grow, and manage your online food ordering business – all 100% FREE.

But we’ll get deeper into that in just a bit. First, let’s consider some of the questions that every home-based food artisan faces, including:

The helpful team at Castiron understands that you have loads of questions as you begin your journey as a home-based cookie baker. We know that you want to show up in search results when someone types in, “personalized cookies near me,” and we have the solutions you need.

In fact, we offer the only cookie website builder in existence that has been thoughtfully designed specifically for home-based food artisans. Keep reading!

Custom Cookie Order Form

There are various names for a custom cookie order form, including a sugar cookie order form, free sales order form template, or even a cookie order contract. And while there are predesigned Google forms and home bakery order form PDF documents available, they can be cumbersome to manage and will likely lack the customization options available from Castiron.

Castiron offers an order form website and food e-commerce toolkit that makes taking custom orders simple and hands-free. Our cookie order form 2022 integrates:

Castiron goes FAR beyond a basic online ordering form. It’s an entire platform that has been specifically and thoughtfully designed for home-based cottage cooks, cookie bakers, and other food artisans.

Within minutes, you can create your customized food sales website and bring it to life online with Castiron’s suite of high-tech tools. The platform is stocked full of tools you need to centralize orders, payments, messages, notifications, fulfillment, and much more.

No more repetitive searching for sticky notes; or juggling through multiple online forms, text messages, PMs, DMs, or writing notes on your hand!

Growing an online food business

Castiron makes selling homemade cookies online easy. Our feature loaded platform will help you to sell cookies, cupcakes, pastries, Danishes, and other baked goods. Or, if you are not a baker, Castiron can also help you to sell a wide variety of cottage foods as permitted by your local laws.

With Castiron, you'll be able to build order forms and customize them as you need to satisfy your customer base. You can add items to your online store’s inventory and allow your customers to check out immediately. You can also accept personalized orders from your customers, allowing them to plan ahead for parties, weddings, and other events that will require your delicious catering service.

Aspiring home-based food entrepreneurs want to keep their customers coming back. Castiron makes repeat orders easy with e-mail list building tools, autoresponders, and the ability to automate customer communications. This one-of-a-kind software enables you to build your customer list as you grow your business and seamlessly advance in your journey as a home-based cookiepreneur!

How to begin selling food online today

If you’ve been dreaming about launching a home-based cookie sales business, then today is the day your dreams can come true! It’s real. You can get started for free and be in business within just minutes.

Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Use Castiron’s super-simple website builder to launch your food shop, and then add your ready-to-order and customizable products to the inventory. Tell your prospective customers about each product and let them know how they will receive their orders. Then, set up your payment options with an easy-to-use interface.
  2. Once you have the basics in place – inventory, payment, and fulfillment – then it’s time to make your Castiron store your own with your brand’s logo, description, cover image, allergen notice badges, certifications, and your best profile pic. Make your online cookie store enticing, relevant, and educational for your customers to enjoy.
  3. Now, you’re ready to make your cookie ordering form website complete by taking it live into cyberspace and begin selling! Castiron’s supportive experts will help you at every step of the way. In no time, you’ll be ready to start sharing your URL and marketing your business. You can focus on sales via social media, emailing, text messages, offline ads, and loads of other venues.

Castiron is purpose-built for home-based food creators. You’ll enjoy innovative features that make your life easier, more efficient, and fun!

And here’s the kicker: As feature-loaded, simple-to-use, amazingly fresh, and wonderfully useful as Castiron is – it costs you absolutely NOTHING. That’s right, Castiron is 100% free forever.

Bakery Order Form Online

Whether you need a cupcake order form template, pie order form template, or another type of sales order form online, Castiron has you covered in style.

So, what should be included in a bakery order form? It depends primarily on the type of baked goods you’re selling - cookies, cupcakes, pies, cakes, bread, etc.

For example, if you’re selling cookies, which type do you bake? Chocolate chip cookies? Sugar cookies? Raisin/oatmeal cookies? Peanut butter cookies? They’re all so tasty!

Or will you bake and sell French bread? Wedding cakes? Fresh fruit pies and cobblers? The possibilities are endless, and with each option, you’ll need to define various customizable options, like sprinkles on a cupcake or extra icing on a wedding cake.

Can I sell cookies from home in my state?

You’ll have to check with your local health department to get the lowdown on the specifics about selling homemade foods in your location. However, the good news is that all 50 states in the good ol’ USA have Cottage Food Laws that permit citizens to make and sell certain foods from home.

While every state has unique laws on selling homemade foods, most states allow food artisans to prepare and sell “non-potentially hazardous” foods, which basically means they don’t require temperature control to remain edible.

Castiron continues to be the best cookie order form template free choice you’ll find. Its bakery order form online options are unmatched by other companies that offer similar (yet subpar) products and services. That’s because the entire team at Castiron is 100% fully dedicated to helping all home food entrepreneurs to succeed at growing their businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

You see, Castiron is built for all types of food entrepreneurs. We realize that advertising food online - whether it’s a dozen chocolate chip cookies or your famous rib marinade - comes with a unique set of obstacles. The innovative and fresh Castiron platform is thoughtfully designed with:

The Castiron website builder is designed for home-based food entrepreneurs like you. It’s the only product of its kind. It’s really user-friendly, meaning you need no computer programming skills to create and launch a highly professional website to grow your home cookie business with.

With Castiron, you’ll be able to manage all aspects of your business in one place – from planning and website creation to custom order forms to order fulfillment – you’re 100% covered. And your customers will appreciate the highly secure, fast, and accurate checkout features.

Find all of the tools you need to build your food business on one simple platform: Castiron. If it isn’t the simplest store setup process you’ve ever seen, we’d offer to refund you, but it’s FREE!

Cookie makers and bakers need a fast and free cookie order form template to make their food business run smoothly. Include these tips in your order form.

Heather Brookshire

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My business would not be the same without my Castiron website! It is an easy setup with lots of customization and tons of support! I am so glad I set up my shop last year before the holidays — it really helped increase my sales!

Amanda McMonigle

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Castiron provides me a professional site to my customers increasing my credibility and value while giving me the tools to effectively market and manage my business in an easy, user-friendly manner.

Kim Sims

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Castiron has made my cottage bakery shine, and my business easy to manage. As a platform they care about my business as much as I do.

Katie Maschoff

Mill City Cooking Company


Before Castiron, I was taking orders really manually, through emails or texts or Facebook. Now I can send customers straight to my website, and I don’t have to worry about missing any details.

Daniella Smith

Oso Good Clean Eats


I couldn't run my business without the Castiron platform. It made it so easy to get my shop up and running — it truly removed a massive barrier to me getting started!

Ali Serpe

Kultured Kombucha


I realized that the barrier of having to DM or text me to order was holding a lot of potential customers back.

Now that I have a professional website and a simple ecommerce checkout, I'm seeing a huge increase in new customers and they appreciate how easy Castiron makes ordering.

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