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Making homemade cookies is so much fun. Whether baking for creative pursuit, self-expression, or just as a way of passing the time, these treats are healthier, tastier, and more gratifying than store-bought. But have you considered creating a website for a cookie business and selling the snacks online?

The cookie business is growing in popularity across the U.S since many people love cookies and will eat them, provided they taste good. The best part is that anyone can enter the cookie business. You only need to create a recipe for the best cookies to sell online. Then you can get to selling!

You can sell homemade cookies online through websites like Etsy or Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). These two websites are rich in customers constantly looking to order various dishes and snacks online. They also ship orders to the customer, guaranteeing both trust and safety.

However, Amazon and Etsy charge sellers a certain amount of cash per unit sold. Etsy charges 6.5% on the sale price and an additional 3.25% payment processing fee. Amazon charges $0.99 per unit sold under the individual plan and a whopping $39.99 under the professional plan. Sellers also pay for gift-wrapping charges or shipping costs. These overhead costs can double your expenses and significantly cut the profit you make per unit.

The good thing about having your website for cookies is that you control everything. You can create a cookies business plan pdf complete with the shipping mode, payment gateways, and the pricing strategy. This means you don’t have to forfeit a large chunk of your sales to anyone. You can also customize your costs based on your business needs—which vary from time to time.

This guide will take you through how to sell cookies from home. It focuses on how to sell cookies online and the steps you need to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Home Bakery Websites

We eat with our eyes. If you're selling decorated sugar cookies or custom designed cookies, looks are everything. With that being said, it makes sense that the cookie online business is highly visual. So, if you've decided to make a website, understand that:

So, what should go into home bakery websites?

About Us Descriptions

The information about us on the bakery website tells the story of the business, how it began, its scope, model, and philosophy, and the customers it serves. Use this section to put a face into the business, reflecting the personality of you, the baker. This section should also communicate your purpose. The aim is to cement trust between potential customers and the business so that customers feel comfortable buying.

Product Descriptions

A product description is sales copy that entices new customers to purchase from you by justifying the worth of your products. Use product descriptions to explain the features and benefits of homemade cookies and why they stand out. Speak to your ideal buyer by customizing the message to appeal to their imagination. You can sprinkle sensory and seductive words in your descriptions by using the correct adjectives where your new customers need them most. Product descriptions are the primary content for bakery websites. Use the five senses!

Quality Photography

You may have a modern bakery website with a sleek design and all the information new customers look for. Include high-quality photos above or beside the descriptions so the audience can know the product you describe. If possible, use a cake bakery website design that allows the customers to zoom, rotate, and view the photos from various angles. Optimize every photo for high density, pixel, resolution, and format.

Clean Layout

Besides having a simple bakery website, optimize the website layout so your prospects won’t have difficulties scrolling any page. Make the pages clean using a simple design, scannable graphics, segmented information, white space, and excellent page speed. Make sure it's mobile-friendly, too! A bakery website builder can help you create clean and professional e-commerce websites within minutes.

Contact Information

Make sure that your cookie website contains details like email address, phone number, or street address. If you don't provide this information upfront, make sure to share the necessary details after a purchase is made. Keep section of your page simple and easy to scan so that any customer can get in touch quickly and efficiently.

Add to Cart and Check Out Buttons

Your customers should be able to order cookies on your website, and these buttons will help them purchase the treats in real-time. First, an add-to-cart button allows customers to reserve potential purchases while browsing other treats. The checkout button allows customers to process payments and ship packages. Using a website with ecommerce capabilities means you won't have to switch across multiple platforms to run your cookie business. With a tool like Castiron, you can manage orders, payments, customer details, and more all in one place.

How to Sell Cookies on Instagram

With over one billion active users, Instagram is a perfect platform to reach new customers and generate sales for your cookie business. Here are some tips on how to sell cookies on Instagram:

Pros of Using a Social Media Storefront

Cons of Using a Social Media Storefront

Online Cookie Business

The online cookie business can be challenging. But, if you’re ready to play the game right using a solid homemade cookies business plan and proper connection, you can enjoy many fruitful years.

How Profitable is a Cookie Business?

From various cookie success stories, online cookie businesses make an average profit margin of 25-30%. This business doesn’t require any technical degrees or expertise to get started, just practice and a passion for baking. Provided you know how to bake, you can begin in the comfort of your home, using the essential equipment in your kitchen.

The only challenge you have to deal with is finding the right product. This step can be tricky since various types of cookies are available on the market, each with unique features and benefits. The most popular is the sugar cookie business. But you can try something unique, like sugar-free treats or gluten-free cookies.

Have a clear vision consisting of verifiable figures of what you want to achieve. Have data for amounts you need for production and distribution. Also, know how to promote cookies online, including the amounts you’re willing to spend on marketing.

Licensing and Cottage Food Law

The majority of the states have a cottage food program, and some require licenses. The most popular licenses include:

Most states require you to have a business license to sell home-baked cookies, while some do not. Other states require home bakers to have business-only cookware for commercial baking. Additionally, you may need to maintain a specific degree of hygiene, or else your business license may be revoked. Check which rules apply to your state, so you don't fall into the law's wrong side.

Cookie Business Ideas

If you've been thinking about how to sell homemade cookies and make a small fortune, you're on the right track. You can use various cookie business ideas to start your homemade cookie business. You can start with traditional baking or go for innovative ones. Remember that it is not just about selling these sweets; it is also about selling your skills at making them.

Pick any flavor, from chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, jelly, or any other variety. If you choose a chocolate chip, create a chocolate chip cookie business plan to align with your business needs.

Some people prefer selling their homemade cookies directly from their homes for pickup. This idea is viable when looking at how to start a cookie business with only a few dollars. In addition, it will help you cut down marketing and shipping costs.

But if you want to be part of the many cookie business success stories, a website will help you quickly grow your audience and customer base. You may be stuck on the best cookie business name ideas. Your business name should be descriptive, literal, and not hard to spell. Your name may be unique, since many people hardly share names. Don't get hung up on the small stuff — just take the first step! Best of luck in your cookie business ventures.

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